December 2018

Sons of SMA Newsletter

December 2018 Issue

The Sons of SMA, the alumni association of the Saint Mary’s Academy, welcomes fellow sons, and friends of SMA. We hope to regularly engage you in the months to come through these newsletters.

Welcome From The New Board

In 2015, a bold band of Saint Mary’s men stepped up to give back to their Alma Mata and take it to new heights with the vision of providing: stewardship, mentorship and scholarships. They founded the Sons of SMA alumni group. With an eye to the future, and to ensuring the longevity of the organization, the reigns have been handed over to a new band of Saint Mary’s men to carry us into the future.
The new board of the Sons of SMA (SOSMA) would like to officially thank all alumni and friends of SMA, and look forward to working with you as Saint Mary’s men go forth again to praise ye ever more.

Co-Chairman: Patrick Alexander
Co-Chairman: Johnathan Joseph
Treasurer: Kenan Zamore
Secretary: Arthur Pemberton
Director of Social Outreach: Lindsay George

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Our Objectives

Scholarships: one of the original goals of the SOSMA is to fund two scholarships at each of the five grade levels every years. Alumni and are encouraged to fund the scholarships through their membership dues.

Mentorship: as products of SMA, now adults, the SOSMA sees the need to nurture the current crop of Saint Mary’s men – providing positive role models, and fostering growth both academically and personally.

Stewardship: probably the most ambitious goal is to step up and make a significant, and ongoing contribution to the financial welfare of the school. As the sons, we cannot shirk our responsibility, and assume that the church will go it alone. The SOSMA seek to help fund not only the maintenance, but the enhancement of the SMA grounds and facilities. We want SMA to be the best high school in Dominica.

Message From The Principal


The new principal of the St Mary’s Academy, Sylvia Joseph Jno Baptiste, takes a moment to talk about the work of Sons of SMA, and its ongoing relation relationship with the school. Mrs. Jno Baptiste wholeheartedly endorses the work of the Sons of SMA, and is committed to work with the membership.



Hurricane Maria made landfall on our Caribbean island of Dominica on 18 September 2017. Though a lot of the emphasis has been placed on home, infrastructure and business repairs. Repairs to our schools are lagging behind. As proud alumni of St. Mary’s Academy (SMA) along with the SMA administration are leading this fund raising effort.

The funds raised here will help cover the much-needed repairs for the infrastructure of SMA (classrooms, library, and buildings). The image shown just displays one of the many classrooms that current SMA students are sitting while attending class. The classrooms condition are deplorable, to say the least. You can make a difference. Donate today to help get SMA back on its feet.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to SMA.

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Alumni Updates


Cerilo Chance

cerilo_chance In September 2017, Saint Mary’s Academy lost one of its sons, one of its most brilliant alums, and one of the nicest guys to ever attend the academy. He was good at math, chemistry, physics, biology, and pretty much everything else. He loved aeronautic engineering: that was his dream, to become an aeronautic engineer. Cerilo Chance was one of the most giving people on the planet and an integral member of the Sons of St. Mary’s Academy (SOSMA committee).

Cerilo was dedicated to the betterment of everyone he came into contact with and always advocated for the underdog. He walked to and from elementary and high schools, talking to people on the streets spreading the word about SOSMA scholarships and encouraging them to apply. He was the first one to ask, “what I can do to help?” and the last one to accept any credit for his contributions. SOSMA lost a dear friend and a true Son of SMA. He will be missed.

Ways To Contribute

If you would like to be part of the fund raising committee, or would like to advise, provide constructive feedback or otherwise contact the board members, you may send a message via the website as well:

Sons of SMA is a registered 5013c in the United States of America – US residents can make tax deductions against any donations made.