Scholarships Requirements


Congratulations on being nominated for the Sons of SMA Memorial Scholarships. These scholarships are being presented In Memoria of two iconic deceased teachers of SMA, Mr. Cuthbert Elwin and Mr. Adrian Durand, who both exemplified the ideals of 'Ora at Labora' to the highest standards.

Your nomination to these scholarship encumbers upon you to uphold and raise these ideals of Saint Mary's Academy and carry yourself with integrity of church, character, academic excellence, and public service. If selected to receive these scholarships, you will be provided with the resources to launch a successful academic career to include a worldwide brotherhood of SMA alumni brethren. Welcome to the Journey.

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Two academic scholarships, one each in memory of Mr. Elwin and Mr. Durand, will be awarded to the selected recipients entering Saint Mary's Academy starting during the 2016 to 2017 academic school year. Each scholarship will be for $2,000 EC annually (school fees, books, and uniforms), and will be awarded to two students entering First Form from a primary school within SMA’s zone, as established by the Ministry of Education.

The scholarship will be need-based along with other criteria and will be renewed annually to the initial awardees through Fifth Form as long as the candidate meets minimum renewal criteria.

At this time, Sons of SMA will commit to the two 2016-2017 academic year scholarship recipients over the course of their fiveyear high school program at Saint Mary's Academy. However, we earnestly look forward to the possibility of providing additional scholarships to students entering First Form after the 2016-2017 academic year, with the goal of sponsoring 10 scholarship annually (two per form), as we further establish our foundation and fundraising efforts.


All scholarship applicants will need to be nominated by their Primary School principal, based on the following candidate criteria:

  • Need-based requirement. Annual income of the scholarship applicant's parent(s) shall not exceed:

○ $15,000 EC (single parent)

○$28,000 EC (two parents)

  • Active church involvement (to be verified by church priest or pastor)
  • Community activism and/or sports exceptionalism (to be verified by educational, governmental, or community leader)
  • Minimum academic performance: 75% grade average

Each Primary School principal may nominate a maximum of two students.