SOSMA Scholars

SOSMA Scholars

sosma-scholars At some point in our lives we are called to be exceptional. We are all called to shed the veil of our normal existence and to fully embrace the responsibility of our calling, often times at the expense of our own desires and amidst great sacrifice. But, at the end of the day, the sacrifices you’ve made and the desires you’ve suppressed to embrace the burden of your calling will impact lives for generations.

Mr. Adrien Durand and Mr. Cuthbert Elwin embodied, embraced, brought to bear and personified these traits. They could have easily gone on to be successful professors, administrators, or businessmen anywhere in the world. Instead, they chose to stay here, building SONS OF SMA to become productive, contributing members of a global society.

These two scholarship recipients have received these awards in justifiable honor of their memory, hard work, and dedication. They have been called upon to emulate these traits throughout their journey. The SONS OF SMA executive committee on behalf of all the SONS OF SMA local and abroad congratulate these two young men on receipt of these awards and will work with them toward continued success.

The SONS OF SMA would like to thank each and every one who donated to the fund raising goal and encourage them to continue supporting our efforts to transform lives, build communities for a stronger Dominica and better world. We are imploring all the SONS OF SMA to donate, participate, and spread the word. We are encouraging the private sector to join us through donations, internships and other programs to help build a more prepared work force ready to meet the challenges of a global market.

Most of all awardees, be assured that you are not in this journey alone and a legion of SONS OF SMA are here to assist and guide you as needed every step of the way.