SOSMA Tribute

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Very few teachers in the history of Saint Mary's Academy brought the energy, passion and dedication to his craft like Mr. Adrian Durand. He began teaching from September 1985 to January 1987. As if that wasn't enough, he also taught A-level Physics and Maths at the sixth-form college for most of that time. He then left to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering in South Carolina.

He returned home in 1990, and resumed his role at Saint Mary's Academy until 1997. During his term he became the head of both the Maths (1990-1997) and Science (1994-1997) Departments, and served as acting vice Principal on two separate occasions (1993-1994 and 1995-1997). In addition, Mr. Durand was manager of the school's Adult Education Program and taught Maths from 1993-1997.

Mr. Durand would leave again in 1997, this time to pursue a Masters of Education in Maths at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad. Upon completion, he returned to Dominica and became a lecturer with the Education Department in September 1999. He later became Chair of the department from 2004-2008.

For a teacher who always seemed to be going at a hundred miles per hour ("Let's go gentlemen", was one of his favorite lines), he had this innate ability to motivate his students to learn. As energetic as he was, everything seemed to slow down once he began teaching. But perhaps what made Mr. Durand so beloved for those of us he taught was how well he could relate to his students - himself a former student. He showed us that there was a time to "play", and a time to "work", and how important it was to balance the two. For many of us, it made him not just a teacher, but a mentor, role-model, and a friend.

The SONS OF SMA would like to acknowledge Mr. Durand for his inspiration, guidance and contributions not only to the young men of the Saint Mary’s Academy, but to the Commonwealth of Dominica. Thank you, Mr. Durand!

cuthbert elwin


It is often said that experience is the best teacher. It is therefore no surprise that with a career spanning over 40 years Mr. Cuthbert Elwin is regarded by many as one of the greatest teachers to ever grace the classrooms of Saint Mary's Academy.

His calm but stern personality blended perfectly with his jolly, jovial, fun-loving persona. He insisted discipline, perseverance, and excellence in everything we do. He taught and led by example by showing that through hard work you could go from a regular faculty member in 1975, when he first started teaching, to Dean, Vice Principal and ultimately Principal from 2003 – 2015. He was the Basketball Coach, English and Geography teacher, and discipliner in chief.

He helped instill in us an unmatched pride in self, country and school. He helped forge strength and confidence that allowed us to leave our imprint in every corner of society. Today, we are doctors and designers, engineers and editors, preachers, professors and pastors. Thank you Mr. Elwin for your guidance, direction, and invaluable contributions grooming generations of SONS OF SMA.