Sponsorship Information

Thank you Sponsors!

We would like to thank the Saint Mary’s Academy Alumni and all the corporate sponsors for their generous and heartfelt contributions and continued support. Sons of SMA will continue to work diligently on behalf of the past, present and future students to properly represent our Alma Mater (ORA ET LABORA). In order to provide a clear insight, we would like to keep this effort as transparent as possible.

The annual financial updates will be available to the public, providing a clear cut vision on where we stand at present and the challenges we face on the road ahead. Our endeavors are solely to aid in the upliftment of future students and ambassadors of Saint Mary’s Academy and is a true representation of the school’s culture.

Again, thank you all for the support as we continue to provide scholarships, stewardship and mentorship to Dominica’s students.

Total donations received $2,572
Bank Fees -$90.89 avg 3.53%
Transferred to Bank -$1,600 August 22nd
Transferred to Bank -$670 September 2nd
2016 Ending Balance $211.11 US account